Questions to ask your hair and makeup artist before booking

Before you make the big decision on who your hair and makeup artist will be here are 5 questions you should be asking before confirming your booking.

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  1. Are you available?

Bit of an obvious one but there’s no point going on any further and wasting your time if the aren’t even available!

I have an enquiry tab when you can just fill in your date and any extra details and it comes directly to my email find here:

2. Can you do this style?

If you haven’t already seen the style you would like on their socials or website ask them using realistic photos from Pinterest make sure they are realistic for your hair and skin type but if you don’t know what’s realistic this is what a trial is for just remember to be open minded.

3. Are they in your budget?

What are their prices, travel costs and hidden costs that may be in their Ts & Cs. Prices or at least a price guide will usually be on their website so take a look and see if they are in your budget.

Find my price guide here:

4. Ask about timings?

How long will things take? So you can have a rough idea of what time you’ll have to be starting. Will they do a time schedule for you or will you need to work this out for yourself?

Every makeup artist/hair stylist will have different timings I myself tend to allow 45 mins per items and an hour per bridal item, I also allow 15-30 mins arrival set up time as well as at least 30mins to an hour before the ceremony time for getting dressed, finishing touches and photos.

This is something I also discuss at trial to make sure there is time for everything you want on the morning of your wedding!

5. Ask about their cancellation policy and read through all their Ts & Cs

Even though this may not be needed it’s good to educate yourself so there are no surprises and you know what to expect and what is expected from you too.

Read up on my Ts & Cs here:

Hope this was a helpful little read!

Let me know if there are any more questions you think need to be asked before you book

Other FAQs here:

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