Terms and Conditions

Booking Fee:

All booking fees are non-refundable and your date will not be secured without one. All booking fees will be deducted from the final invoice.

Additional Fees:

Prices for bridesmaids may increase slightly to the price guide depending on size of bridal party.

Hair and Makeup assistant fee £40 per artist (take effect from bookings taken after June 2023)

Travel and/or parking fees will be added to the quote.

Travel is on the basis of 50p a mile for both to and from location required.

An additional fee of £55 will be charged to weddings which are less than a bride plus 2 bridesmaids for hair or makeup. (Bookings taken from June 2023)

If party requires myself to relocate this is at the cost of £30 as this must be factored into the time schedule.


Trials are booked after the booking fee has been paid, they not compulsory however it is highly advised as Florence will not be held responsible if your chosen look is not achieved and no refund will be offered. Trials will be held at Florence’s home studio during the week. (Allow 2 hours for hair or makeup trial and 3 hours for both).  Saturday trials can be arranged but at the cost of an extra £20. A trial is solely for the purpose to choose your hair and makeup and not a test of Florence’s skill.

Trials can cancelled at any point, however a trial cancelled with less than 24 hours notice will be charged for at the agreed rate.

Allergies and Health:

Florence will ask and patch test (if unknown) if the client has any allergies or any other reason she cannot preform the service if not declared Florence will not be held responsible for this.


Final payments for wedding bookings are due to be paid 4 weeks before the wedding date. Payment method is bank transfers ONLY.

An additional fee of £55 will be charged to weddings which are less than a bride plus 2 bridesmaids for hair or makeup during the period May – September

Florence will ask to take photos and use photos taken on the wedding day which she will use on her social media and marketing, you have the right to refuse this.

Cancellations and Postponements:

Any cancellations or postponements will incur the following costs:

8 weeks – 25% of the remaining final balance

6 weeks – 50% of the remaining final balance

4 weeks or less – 100% of the remaining final balance

Any alterations to the number of services required within 3 months of wedding date will still need t be charged for.

(remaining balance is booking fee and trial deducted) 

Privacy Policy:

Florence will control and process personal information such as, names, phone numbers and email addresses for use of providing the service and staying in contact with the client.

The client has the right to remove their consent for this.

All information is kept safe and secured and destroyed properly when no longer needed.

This information may be shared with an assistant stylist for the clients wedding if necessary.

For more on Florence’s privacy policy and clients rights for it please go to https://florencewearmua.com/privacy-policy/

Force Majeure and Frustration:

If circumstances occur meaning that Florence or the client cannot complete the service and have to postpone because of a natural unavoidable cause eg) pandemic, If she is able to Florence will transfer the clients booking fee over to their new date.

However if Florence cannot depending on how much time and work has already gone into the clients booking an agreement of repayment can be negotiated.

Clients will be asked to sign their name and date on the booking form saying they agree to all of these terms.


Florence is insured by BABTAC with a public liability indemnity of up to £6,000,000.