4 top tips for your best wedding morning

Here I have listed in detail my 4 best tips for having the no stress amazing wedding morning you dream off.

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  1. Have a time schedule

I create a time schedule for all my brides as included in your package for the sole purpose to allow your morning to run smoothly and we know who needs to be in the chair when and allow time for anything you want on your morning.

Can also be a great idea to have one for anything else that needs to get done eg) flowers arrive at 10am and you will need to dry the stems at least 10 minutes before the ceremony.

  1. Steam your dresses before hair and makeup

Whoever you have delegated as your chief of steaming, get them to do so before their hair and makeup slot!

The steam from the steamer can melt the makeup and frizz up their hair!

  1. Do all you can the day/night before

All the little bits like hanging up dresses, laying out details (jewellery etc), music etc.

Have it all done the night before, 1 so you can sleep easy and not been thinking about all the things you need to do, and 2 you are really able to make the most of your morning, be stress free as well as more rested!

4. Be the vibe!

You want a chilled vibe?  Be it! You want a high energy party vibe? Play your playlist, pop your bubbly. It’s your wedding day enjoy it how you want it, the rest will follow suit.

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