How I work?

  1. You send me an enquiry telling me a bit about you and your wedding!
  2. We decide we are a good match.
  3. I will get you to fill out a booking form to get all the details about your amazing day!
  4. From the booking form I will be able to give you a full quote.
  5. You secure your booking with a non refundable booking fee. (comes off the total cost)
  6. Now for the fun part! Booking in your trial.
  7. If you haven’t already you can start looking for hair and makeup inspo! (I recommend 2-3 images per item)
  8. You attend your trial! Trials are an amazing way to get to know each other and tailor a look to you, as well as learning about your bridal party and what you want from your wedding morning.
  9. I go away and find assistant if needed and make you a bespoke time schedule for your morning allowing time for everything you said you wanted at your trial!
  10. 4 weeks before your date you send over your final payment.
  11. The week before we do last checks making sure everything is perfect for your day!

To fill out a booking form go to

To send a wedding enquiry via

To find out more drop me an email

To get a vague quotation use To get a proper quote please send a wedding enquiry or a booking form.

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