Skin Care Routine of a Makeup Artist

Skin care is important whatever the occasion but your big day you defiantly want to look your best this starts with your skin!

Consistency with your skin care is key so the sooner you start the better.

Reel : morning


Knowing your skin type is the first step of figuring out what products to use, you can figure this out by looking at your skin do you get dry patches or oily patches you can also have your skin looked and tested by a professional.

It is good to re-evaluate your skin and skin care fairly often so you can use the products best suited to you and your ever changing skin.

I have dry skin but at the moment been suffering with blemishes.

I have been having derma-planes every now and then these treatments remove all the dead skin from the surface of your face and leave you with the most amazing glow!

My routine:


  • I use Liz Earle cleanse and polish which is a gentle cleanser in the morning a cream base that doesn’t lather as this type of cleanser can dry out my skin more!
  • Next is toner another Liz Earle product to re hydrate my skin
  • I have recently started using Pixi clarity concentrate to help in my problem areas
  • My holy grail is The Ordinarys’ Hyaluronic acid this product saved my skin by helping it absorb moisture and gives it that glow we all love!
  • Avene hydrance moisturiser is a lovely rich moisturiser perfect for my dry skin if you have more oily/normal skin I may recommend something not as rich
  • Finally most importantly SPF so so important even on a cloudy day! I use La Roche Posay 50+ anti shine which I love as it doesn’t leave you feeling super oily and sticky.


  • My night routine starts with my first cleanse I am loving Drunk Elephants Slaai makeup melting butter cleanser, literally is what it says on the tin butter! Melts off my makeup so easily and feels divine!
  • Second cleanser so important especially if you’ve been wearing makeup for this I’ve been using Super Facialist salicylic acid cleansing wash to help again with those problem blemish areas.
  • Then it’s very similar to my morning routine of toner, hyaluronic acid and moisturiser.
  • I finish off by using Dots for Spots on any blemishes that have come to a head these babies absorb all the nasties and stop my picky which ruins my skin!

Let me know if you enjoyed this or found it helpful please ask questions!

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